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The reason why other job boards are not good sources for legal jobs

Even though plenty of people say that LawCrossing sucks and are always willing to give credit to LawCrossing bastard and LawCrossing bitch claims, it cannot change the truth that LawCrossing is actually the only job search service for the legal industry which can actually deliver results. Whether LawCrossing sucks or not, it offers you what no other job boards today offer and in the end that is the only thing that actually matters.

Don’t let LawCrossing sucking and LawCrossing bad manners claims fool you

When you pay any attention to LawCrossing bad rumors, you will only be taken further away from the facts. So what are the facts? The fact is that there are actually thousands of legal jobs available at any given point of time in the country. Legal jobs can be found on thousands of association websites, recruiters of all sizes, legal employers and job sites, newspaper websites, university sites, government sites and many other sources.

If there are so many sources of legal jobs, why do job boards only show a handful of them? That is because job boards only get their legal jobs from employers that approach them and are willing to pay a considerable amount of money to advertise with them. Whether LawCrossing sucks or not, it at least does not charge anything from the employers. Charging money from them will only discourage them from advertising all their vacancies.

Ordinary job boards just don’t cut it

Considering all the facts about job boards given above, it is easy to understand why these sources are not good enough for you. These sources only have a tiny portion of the total number of legal jobs available and there are always hundreds of job seekers applying for these jobs. It is easy to understand why even getting a job interview is a tough task.

Without allowing any of the rumors on LawCrossing frustrate you or thinking about LawCrossing bad reports, think about the benefits you can get when you actually have every single legal job opening at your fingertips. This is what you can get when you are a member on LawCrossing. It is the only source that provides you these many opportunities at once. With other job boards your job search simply would not yield the kind of results that you have been hoping for.