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In order to understand why people call LawCrossing bastard or

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LawCrossing bad you will have to understand a basic fact. People do not like to pay money for anything when they can get it for free. The same holds true in case of LawCrossing. Job seekers are required to pay a membership fee in order to search for jobs on LawCrossing while they get to do the same for free on other websites. Of course they are not going to like it.

However, before you let these reports on LawCrossing frustrate you; take a moment to understand how this website actually works. LawCrossing works in a completely different way than the other job boards that are known to charge a bomb of money from employers for listing their job vacancies. LawCrossing is the only research company dedicated solely to the legal job search industry. It collects legal jobs from thousands of web pages and has the largest collection of legal jobs in the world. Of course, the company would like to limit access to this multi-million dollar database and therefore there is a small membership to be paid if you want to get your hands on these high quality legal jobs.


Clients Say

Carmen Ruda | Sacramento, CA
I was able to generate good number of leads through the website. The website was very easy to operate and I will surely be back when I am in the job market.

Alan Wolberg | New York, NY
It was a great service and has always been one of my favorite search engines and will always be when required.

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A lot of people in the legal industry say LawCrossing sucks and call LawCrossing bitch. However, you would be surprised to know that most people making claims of LawCrossing sucking and Law Crossing fraud have never really tried the website themselves. With the claims the website makes, it is quite natural that competitors can feel a strong animosity towards LawCrossing, making it a perfect target for criticism.

Is Law Crossing bad? If you want to know if LawCrossing sucks or not you will have to keep an open mind and understand the benefits you can receive when you use the services of this website. This is the only website in the world that presents a collection of every available legal job in the market to you. It has a team of hundreds of employees and researchers that spend all their time on research and updating their database.

Other job boards simply can’t achieve what LawCrossing has already achieved. If you are serious about your career and are eager to embark on your successful journey, a little investment should not really matter to you right now.

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Customer Testimonials

Sheila M | New Jersey
It was very very helpful . Very nice to have one website rather than going to different websites, Advanced search , Organized and liked different categories like government,

James T | Plano
Great Website , Search functionality . Everything was spread out with relevant details , was great , would surely recommend it to friends.